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Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to the most frequently asked questions submitted to Becker Bible Studies about the popular Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christians series and web site.

What Scripture focus does Becker Bible Studies teach?

What Denomination is Becker Bible Studies affiliated?

How are faith, salvation and being born again connected?

Can you explain salvation, baptism, being born again, resurrection and judgment to me?

Who is Jesus really?

Are you the same people who provide the United States Army with Bible Studies, and have a website on their AKO secure portal system? If so, how can I become a member to your group on AKO?

Why has your domain web site address changed from to

Why did you decide to make a format change to your web site?

What are the beginnings of Becker Bible Studies, and the Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christian series?

Will the LORD GOD fulfill my desires?


What Scripture focus does Becker Bible Studies teach?

Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God, Of the doctrine of baptisms, and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment. And this will we do, if God permit. (Hebrews 6:1-3 AV)

1. The Foundation of Jesus Christ must be laid first...

This foundation consists of receiving knowledge and understanding of six things...

(1) Sin
(2) Faith
(3) Water Baptism
(4) Holy Spirit
(5) Resurrection
(6) Judgment

2. Once the foundation of the doctrine of Christ is laid, a student must go on to learning new things of the LORD GOD according to His Grace and Will. No student can grow to perfection, by repeatedly learning the six principles of the doctrine of Christ.

Focusing over and over and over on the six things contained within the Foundation of Jeus Christ, prevents a Christian from growing to the place that the LORD GOD Wills. Many Christians become so focused on these six things, that their spiritual growth stops at that very place.

I am sure you all have witnessed, and maybe even experienced this same problem...

(1) Sin Focus - When a Christian keeps dwelling on the sins of themselves and the sins of others. Usually this results in condemnation, exclusion or backsliding.

(2) Faith Focus - When a Christian has a spiritual focus on his faith as an excuse to avoid the study of God's Word. This results in a Christian that is ineffective at evangelism, makes him susceptible to becoming confused and tricked into cults and being led by false teachers, and confuses young Christians with loose interpretations based on feelings rather than the Word of God.

(3) Water Baptism Focus - When a Christian focuses over and over on water baptism, they lose the big picture of God's Grace that allows salvation of a sinner. This results in a Christian leading many astray by bringing people to the waters for redemption and making them feel that their act protected them from damnation. In the midst of it all, the message of free and undeserved gift of the LORD GOD to give us salvation through His Grace is lost, which eventually leads to confusion among Christians between the differences of faith and works.

(4) Holy Spirit Focus - When a Christian focuses on the feelings of love, joy, peace, strength and all of the other emotions felt when the Holy Spirit is moving, and rejects the day to day walk with Christ in faith. This results in a spiritual being that relies on emotion and feelings, rather than then faithful belief in Jesus Christ and the study of Word of God.

(5) Resurrection Focus - When a Christian focuses on his resurrection to heaven. This results in a Christian that becomes so caught up with his reward, that he forgets to accomplish the Works that the LORD GOD has for Him to do while he is alive.

(6) Judgment Focus - When a Christian focuses excessively on the coming Judgment by Jesus Christ and the approaching Last Days. This results in apathy, fear, exclusion, separation, self focus, and a loss of credibility. All Christians can barely wait for the Last Days to be completed, and a New World governed by our Lord Jesus Christ to be established...It's an exciting and wonderful time to be alive....But there is so much work for the LORD GOD to do....and so few workers to do it...A Christian doing the works of GOD doesn't have time to focus on the ever afters right now!

Let's move on into perfection! When we have established our beliefs and our spiritual beings on the Foundation of Jesus Christ, then lets get going on learning the new and wonderful revelations that the LORD GOD Wills for us to know. Let's stop this focus on the things we know well about our faith, and push that envelope to a place where we can become PERFECT for our King and our God!


What Denomination is Becker Bible Studies affiliated?

Becker Bible Studies is non-denominational. We are not accountable or under the direction of any organized religion.

We are accountable to the Word of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Our teachings and writings can be examined, measured and judged by the Bible. Our unaccountability to organized religion places a greater accountability for our works to be judged by the LORD GOD. This places all teachers and authors of Becker Bible Studies in a somewhat unique but dangerous position.

If a terrible mistake is made in our work, and people are led away from the LORD GOD as a result, we will face the anger and severe punishment from our LORD GOD. We are all acutely aware of this, and no teacher or author has ever joined the works of Becker Bible Studies without contemplating the responsibility and accountability that this position brings.

So often naive Christians place writings on the Internet and declare themselves to be non-denominational. They wrongly believe this gives them license to espouse their personal beliefs against the tried and true theologies of hundreds of years of organized religion.

On the other hand, every church we have ever known has some bad doctrine that has developed over the years for many different reasons. An examination of our new church studies offers some insight into how these bad doctrines get out of hand, and split the Faithful apart.

Jesus Christ wants Becker Bible Studies authors and teachers to write guided Bible Studies based on His Word. We do the best we can, and strive to remove tradition from our mindset, as we examine His Word in the minutest details. We reference Scripture always, and leave no doubt to where we were led or traveled to reach the conclusions we formed.

If we stray from the path, we are guided immediately back through the moving of His Spirit through our studies, and any error immediately acknowledged and corrected. We truly are the real deal here, trying to teach hungry Christians His Word as best as we can through the moving of His Spirit.

We write Bible Studies based solely on the King James Bible. Our students come from all over the world, and all denominations. Our Bible Studies are used by the United States Chaplains in the US Army, by federal and state prisons, by Bible students in seminaries and Missionaries of all denominations, at home and all over the world. Most recently, some officials from the Holy See visited our site and took a look at our studies, resulting in an apparent acceptance by many of the Catholic faithful.

Our ministry's focus is to move people to pick up their Bibles, read them, and learn the things that God wills them to know, without influence by man's doctrine or practiced theology.

Our studies are very popular among the serious and true Christians. Fundamental conservatives like our studies because of our use of the King James Bible, with detailed reference in each of our studies. Though many of the conclusions we reach conflict with their individual denomination stated beliefs, the differences are usually minor and resolvable within their practice of Faith.

We are proud to include strong Catholic Faithful in our midst, as they come to us to learn the things of a King James Bible based study without fear of attack or forced conversion to Protestantism. We recently received a wonderful letter from one of these strong Catholics, Phil Ropp, who said ...

"I shared a little of my faith with you and am delighted to find out that we are on the same page when it comes to living out our Christianity. Truth be told, I have many more issues with the far left liberal faction in the Catholic church than I do with Bible believing Protestants like you. In the Protestant churches when there is disagreement it is a matter of splintering off into yet another church. In the Catholic church we have members that run the gambit from closed minded fundamentalists to far out liberal lefties all under one roof. They are, of course, at each other's throats while the rest of us are somewhere in the middle just trying to follow Jesus as best we can and love each other the way we were told to do. Fortunately, the extremists at either end of the spectrum are a small but highly vocal minority and serve mostly to make more noise than trouble."

We're not extreme, nor are we liberal. We are "just right" cause that's the way God made us!

We are not well liked by any religious organization that tries to brainwash, manipulate, scare, introduce false teachings, who liberally encourages ways of the world, or who stresses theology, apology or tradition in direct contrast to the Word of God in their ministry focus. In fact, it is these false ministries and false teachings that move us to do His works all over the Internet. We feel it is important for every Christian to study and know God's Word without corruption or denominational leanings.

Becker Bible Studies authors and teachers are not part of a denomination, and we are not a new religion. We just teach the Bible, and we are very, very good at it as He guides us to write the studies that will guide hungry Christians to the knowledge He Wills them to possess, and to help them to accomplish the Works He Wills them to do!


How are faith, salvation and being born again connected?

You cannot become a Christian, receive salvation or become born again, until you first experience an opening of your eyes and your ears by God, as He moves you toward an opportunity to receive His gift of grace and faith.

Not everybody is given this opportunity. Most people in the world are blind and deaf to His Things. When God chooses a person to receive sight and hearing to obtain faith, He is showing great love for you.

Usually, when faith is given, you experience a curiosity and a driving need to learn more God and His Things. You are no different than every other Christian that has also received the great gift of faith. Things are very confusing at the start, especially when you are from a non-believing family or a non-believing culture.

Your soul knows God, and hungers for His touch...that is why you seek answers. Now your mind must understand.

God will provide you with exactly the things you need, to become more comfortable with His Things. He will provide you access to Christians that can answer your questions, and help you through these scary first moments of belief. His Bible will be made available to you, and will become your map as it speaks about all the things you need to know to begin your journey, and understand the things that you are thinking about in the first moments of faith.

Simply are very special to God, and He has chosen you to move closer to Him. The closer you come to Him, the more peace and joy you will have. To get really close to Him, you must be brought to Him by Jesus.

The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross allowed death to be brought to sin. That means that your sins can also receive death. Because Jesus Christ resurrected from death, you also can receive eternal life. Once you no longer under the control of sin, and are resurrected into the life of a new believer, you can come closer to God.

Each step of the way, God is going to open your eyes and ears more and more. Thoughts that seem scary and crazy to you now will soon pass, as you receive the Foundation of Jesus Christ. Take a deep breath, be courageous, and walk toward the place that God is leading you.

Ask questions and read His Bible...and know that there are many Christians here today that will be praying that your path is made clear, and your eyes opened to receive pure faith in His promises! You are very, very special to be chosen by God to come closer to Him through His Son Jesus Christ!

Sinners Prayer for salvation

So you're being moved closer to God...and being introduced to Jesus Christ by Christians who love him dearly. Each has shared with you the scriptures that they hold dear and help them to understand the their Savior Jesus Christ.

That's the first thing you must understand. Christians love Jesus Christ very much. The reason that they love Jesus is because of His sacrifice for them. If Jesus had not been crucified, and then resurrected, no one would be able to receive victory over sin and death, or resurrection into a new life. Because He did this for us, and we believe in our hearts that he died for us, and because we believe in our hearts and minds that he rose from the dead, then his crucifixion and resurrection becomes our crucifixion and resurrection also.

When we believe that Jesus Christ did this for us, and know in our hearts and mind that as a result of this act, we will be forgiven of our sins, and allowed to be in the Kingdom of God forever. When we know these things for certain, it is called "faith". Belief in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the first step in faith.

Once you believe this with all of your heart and mind, then a simple prayer to to Jesus focuses your commitment. Usually the prayer goes like this...

I am a sinner. I know that I cannot stop sinning. I am sorry for all of the sins I have ever done. I need you Jesus, to be my savior, to save me from sin and death. I know that you can save me, because you died on the cross for me, and you died for me so that I could be released from sin and death. And then when you resurrected, I knew with certainty that I could resurrect with you, and become a new person. I want to follow you Jesus. Please be my Savior, and forgive me of all sin. Amen

When you say this prayer, you're letting Jesus know that you want to follow him and be taught by him and to live the way he asks you to live. It is not the prayer that saves you, but your belief in faith, that makes you a Christian. You are promised to receive forgiveness of your sins in the name of Jesus Christ upon your commitment to believe and follow His teachings.

Once you become a Christian, the next step is learning about all the things that Jesus Christ wants you to know. These things are called the "Foundation of Jesus Christ" and consist of six areas...I'll talk about them in the next post....

But right now, your focus must be on facing your beliefs on Jesus Christ, and deciding whether you want to commit the rest of your natural life, and your eternal spiritual life to following him. Don't take this decision lightly, and don't make it a spur of the moment decision. Make the decision to follow him only when you are certain of your belief and desire for him to be your Master.

The Foundation of Jesus Christ

Once you believe in Jesus Christ with all of your heart, then you are saved from eternal damnation. On Judgment Day, all of the sins that you have ever done will be redeemed. This means that when you are judged by Jesus Christ, your sins are made clean through his shed blood. He will forgive your sins, in the name of His Father, because you belong to Him and accepted the gift of sacrifice and grace before you died. You are "saved" the moment you say that prayer.

Once the prayer has been said, it is time for the Foundation of Jesus Christ to be laid. This foundation is the first principles and truths that Jesus Christ wants you to know and understand. Those Christians who are the strongest and accomplish the most works in Christ's name, are those who have a solid and firm foundation in Jesus Christ laid. It is important to learn all you can about each of these areas, from a true teacher of the Word of God.

These six principles of the doctrine of Christ for foundation building are: (Heb 6:1-3)

1. Sins (Dead Works)

2. Faith

3. Water Baptism

4. Holy Spirit Baptism (Laying on of hands)

5. Resurrection

6. Judgment

You will learn about these six subjects in many ways. Each of these subjects is explained in great detail in the Bible. These subjects are also taught in every Bible believing church everywhere. True teachers and followers of Jesus Christ are also well versed in these areas. Every Christian is honored to share there knowledge on these subjects with you.

It is very important that you learn about these things, and have a solid foundation in Jesus Christ laid. Choose your teachers well, and make sure that they use the Bible to teach you the Things of Christ and God.

Once this foundation is laid (preferably), you are given an opportunity that will absolutely astound you...

The Baptism of Jesus Christ

Once you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, and you have had a strong foundation in Jesus Christ laid, you are given the opportunity to receive two very special baptisms.

The first baptism, is the baptism of Jesus Christ. This baptism represents your death. In fact, spiritually speaking, when you are baptized with the baptism of Jesus Christ, you die in your grave at the moment you go under the waters. Guess what happens then?

Every sin that has ever been upon you can no longer dwell within you. Death causes sin to die. Everybody must die once because of sin. When you go under the baptismal waters, you die, and your sins leave you completely.

But can't stay under those waters forever....who wants to lay in a grave at all? Your Savior Jesus Christ, was resurrected, and through your belief, you will be resurrected also. The minute you come up from your baptismal grave, you are resurrected. You receive a new birth into the Kingdom of God. You are a brand new person, sin free, righteous and holy, at that very moment you come out of the waters.

Once you have received the Baptism of Jesus Christ, you can never die again! At the moment of your physical death, you will be awake and alive and accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven. You will not feel the sting of death, and you will not lie in your grave for even a moment.

If you do not have baptism of Jesus Christ, then you lie in your grave until Judgment Day, at which time your sins are redeemed, and you are allowed to go on to the New Earth and live again. If you are baptized in Jesus Christ, you are free from death, and live in the Kingdom of Heaven for a while, and then move on to the New Earth in His Time.

But hey.....there is even more wonderful things coming

Judgment Day

First we will get the sad things out of the way....

On Judgment Day, those who reject Jesus Christ, and go to their grave without accepting him, will be judged for their sins, and face punishment.

Others of God's people will be judged by the law, and face punishment.

Christians who did not have the baptism of Jesus Christ, but received salvation through faith and His Grace, receive life, forgiveness of sin and the ability to live a new life on the new Earth.

The Great News....

Those who have received both baptism and salvation through faith before their death, are resting in joy and peace in Heaven for awhile, while God's plans for Judgment and the New Earth are set in motion.

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Once you receive baptism in Jesus Christ, you can also receive baptism in the Holy Spirit. When a Christian receives the baptism of the Holy Spirit, an actual portion of the Spirit of God goes inside your body. This Holy Spirit baptism is accomplished by the laying on of hands by a Christian apostle who has the Holy Spirit inside him. A portion of Holy Spirit is transferred in this manner, and will dwell inside of you while you are alive on this earth.

This Holy Spirit is given to you because Jesus Christ is in Heaven right now, and cannot guide you in all things in your direct presence. He sent the Holy Spirit to help Christians endure their separation from Him. This Holy Spirit brings many, many gifts to you when you receive Him. There are so many special things that come to a Christian through the Holy Spirit, and this post could never cover them all...but let me share a few of the things that new Christians realize immediately...

1. When you come up from those baptismal waters, you are holy and clean, without sin. If we weren't human and dorks, we could stay that way forever, until we got to heaven. Unfortunately, we are all stupid, and do stupid things. When we sin inadvertently, the Holy Spirit burns those sins up the moment they get inside us, so we can stay righteous and holy for Him.

2. When the Holy Spirit is inside us, we can read His Word. Every scripture in the Bible becomes clear and understandable. The Holy Spirit guides us to understand the things that He wants us to know.

3. The Spirit bears witness to the LORD GOD that you are His child and He is your Father through the promised adoption.
4. The Holy Ghosts prepares you for the things to come in the End Times.

5. The Holy Ghost will be your advocate and counselor on spiritual matters, and remind you of Jesus Christ's teachings

And these things are just the beginning. You receive joy and peace and many other gifts as a result of His presence, that many other people as well as I would love to share with you when you are ready!

New Heaven and New Earth

So the baptized and saved Christians receive rest in Heaven for awhile.

And the saved but un-baptized Christians, other faiths and non-believers lie in their graves for awhile. Before the Day of Judgment, the dead in Christ who are in their graves, will be raised to Heaven, which will be followed immediately by the raising to Heaven of those Christians who are alive at that time.

On the Day of Judgment, on a date that no man knows, Jesus Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead. All of the dead in their graves will be resurrected and face Jesus on his throne.

All the nations of the world will be gathered before Jesus. (All people of all the nations that have ever lived must stand before the judgment seat of Christ).

Jesus shall set the judged men on either side of him. Those on his right, symbolized by sheep, inherit the kingdom prepared for them from the foundation of the world. This will be eternal life.

Those judged people, symbolized by goats, are placed on the left side of him are cursed into the everlasting fire that was prepared for the devil and his angels. This is an everlasting punishment.

The Judgment of Christ is based on the righteous works. If the works of a person are righteous, he is judged favorably and rewarded with eternal life. If the works of a person were wicked, they are found guilty and damned.

The good new for us Christians....we are redeemed and forgiven, and every work that we did to glorify our Father in Heaven, and magnify His Name, is rewarded greatly.

Then, the final end of the present heavens and earth are accomplished....

And the LORD GOD creates and establishes a new Earth and a new Heaven where all of His people begin a new life, on this new land ruled by Jesus Christ, and formed on His Word.

What a beautiful life it will be and how wonderful it will be to share my life with those who also love Him! Praise be to God... and come Lord Jesus quickly!


Can you explain salvation, baptism, being born again, resurrection and judgment to me?

Salvation comes to a Christian through faith. A Christian must have faith that the blood of Jesus Christ was shed for the redemption of the Christian's sins. There is nothing a person can do to save himself from sin. It is only through faith in Jesus Christ, and his crucifixion and resurrection, that a person can receive salvation. When a person receives the promise of salvation, he receives the promise that he will be forgiven of all sin, be judged innocent, and saved from the judgment of eternal damnation.

Faith is the condition of believing. Christians cannot receive salvation from judgment of eternal damnation until they face Jesus Christ on His Judgment throne. Christians believe in God's promise that they will be forgiven of all sin as a result of Christ's crucifixion. A Christian must have Faith of this promise throughout his life, and even into his physical death. This faith results in the reward of salvation, through the Grace of God.

To demonstrate the commitment to have faith in this promise, and the desire to stop sinning, and the will to walk with Jesus Christ with him as Master, the Christian often says the "Sinners Prayer". This prayer tells Jesus that they believe. The prayer does not save the person. Only the faith that Jesus will redeem their sins with his blood come Judgment Day will save them. But this prayer does offer a focus point for the contrite sinner, and gives them a starting point of formal commitment to faith and walk with Jesus Christ.


That's all it takes to be saved on Judgment Day...BELIEF!

Having faith of salvation through the sacrificed blood of Jesus Christ is all that is necessary to receive the promised salvation from eternal damnation. The process of receiving salvation through this sacrificed blood is called Redemption. At the designated time on Judgment Day, all believing Christians who come to Jesus on the Judgment Throne will have their sins redeemed through his shed blood, and they will be judged innocent as a result of their faith in him.

NOW...Salvation is not the ticket to Heaven. Salvation is the promise of a verdict of innocence following the redemption of blood, and avoiding the sentence of eternal damnation.

Many misguided, young, and self focused Christians think that Heaven is a permanent place that everybody who is good gets to go to at their death. It is not. Heaven is a temporary dwelling place for the LORD GOD and His Spirits, Jesus Christ, the angels, saints and the Christians who were made righteous through baptism. Heaven is going to come to an end one day, at the moving of the LORD GOD. All of the Christians in Heaven will one day populate the New Earth, along with all of the others judged favorably on Judgment Day and who receive the verdict of eternal life.

Righteous means to be free of sin. Faith does not remove sin from a live body! Even though you have faith, original sin still dwells within you. There is only one way a person that is alive and walking the earth can become righteous. The original sin must leave his body. There is only one way that sin can leave the body. Death of the body. The moment the body dies, sin has no hold, and dies. But here's the problem...

If you die with sin still within you, then you go to your grave. Sinful people do not get to rest in heaven for awhile. In fact, that's why death exists to start with. Because there is sin, then death must come to man. There is only two times a person can be resurrected from death....either from the baptismal waters causing death to sin, or from the grave causing death to sin. So the dead in sin stay in their graves until they are resurrected on Judgment Day and stand before the throne of Christ.

There is a much better option laid out for Christians. The Baptism of Jesus Christ causes the body to die, and the sins to die in a faithful Christian. If a Christian goes under the baptismal waters to their grave, they die and the original sin's control is removed from them. When the Christian comes up out of the baptismal waters and in faith experiences the same resurrection that Jesus did, then they come out of the waters sin free and new. This new person, free from original sin, is called Born Again.

The born again Christian is a new being, and sin free Baptized Christians have two options available to them to remain sin free, and increase their righteousness through His Will. The first one is the the authority of Jesus Christ to forgive sin on earth. When a baptized Christian commits sin, he has the opportunity to confess, repent, and return to a righteous state through forgiveness of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit Baptism, a baptism accomplished through the laying on of hands by an apostle of Jesus Christ, is also given to baptized Christians. When the Holy Spirit is infused into a baptized believer, then that Christian has all of his innocent sins burned away, helping to maintain a righteous state

When the baptized and faithful Christian experiences a physical death, he is immediately taken to Heaven. This Christian will not feel the sting of death or lay in the grave for even an instant. The baptized and faithful Christian is immediately taken to Heaven, where he rests for a time in the bosom of the LORD GOD, until the rest of the LORD GOD's plans are completed.

At the establishment of the new earth and the new heavens, the Christian will assume a new life on that new earth, along with all of the favorably judged people who stood before the throne of Jesus Christ. This New Earth life will be ruled by the Savior Jesus Christ, and will begin it's existence with sin free people who love the LORD GOD, and humbled forever by the undeserved grace and salvation received as a result of His Sons Sacrifice.

Praise Be to God!


Who is Jesus really?

Your question is deep and probing, and the answer to it has been debated among scholars, misunderstood among preachers, and confusing to the faithful. Some believe that the LORD GOD Himself came down from Heaven and inserted His complete self into flesh. Others believe that a portion of the LORD GOD, a portion of Jesus Christ, and a portion of the Holy Spirit join together to make a complete LORD GOD. Many believe that Jesus is God and the LORD GOD is a greater God. In a manner of speaking, these schools of thought are correct to a point, and most of these beliefs are harmless to the Faithful and do not prevent them from growing to the places that God Wills.

In fact, early on in our beginnings, this very question of a triune God, surfaced time after time in our studies and caused us to focus on defining and teaching about Jesus Christ in a way that our student's human minds can grasp and that was supported completely through the Word of God.

It was that direct focus to the Word of God that opened up our understanding to a place that many things became clear. As the Holy Spirit led us from one understanding to the next, many of our Guided Bible Studies were derived from this one understand the answer completely it would be helpful to you to complete our studies. However, I think I can lightly answer your question with less words.

The answer centers around one verse in the Bible...but there are many, many verses that support our place of understanding.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men.” (Joh 1:1-4 AV)

Jesus Christ is the Word of God. When the holy, all powerful, all knowing LORD GOD spoke His Will at the start of His Creation, Jesus Christ was begotten. As a result, he received the essence of His Father, which was imputed throughout his being.

Jesus was with His Father at the creation of this world, and assisted in all things created. He is greatly loved by the LORD GOD, and His Glory shined brightly throughout the Heavens as he accomplished the Things of God.

To effect these Things, in the order and pattern that God had planned from the start, Jesus Christ was given human form in order that he might die, and through his experience and conquering of death through glorious resurrection, bring God's people salvation and redemption and life eternal.

As a result of Jesus Christ's dedicated walk and faithful accomplishment of every task given to him by His Father, He was given even greater authority and responsibilities following his Resurrection. Jesus now sits at the right hand of his Father in Heaven, and welds His power of Judgment, which will be executed completely and fully in the great Day of Judgment to come.

He has the essence and the power of the LORD GOD, and is glorified as well. Though he is not the LORD GOD in completeness, he completes the LORD GOD, and has been given the Things of God to accomplish His Will. His power and existence is derived from the LORD GOD, and without the LORD GOD, he would not exist. Without Jesus Christ, we would not exist.

On a personal note...Jesus Christ is my Savior, my King, my Priest, my Lord, my Intercessor, and my Love. It is only on the personal level that one can understand and know the deep things of his existence and there is only one place you can learn about him...

The Word of God. The Bible. Just as the LORD GOD spoke and Christ was begotten, the Word of God is Jesus Christ. When you read the Word, you are reading Jesus, learning of Him from the same essence that created Him. It is that Holy Word of God that truly reflects and explains the completeness of Jesus impossible task by mere man's words, but accomplished completely through His!


Are you the same people who provide the United States Army with Bible Studies, and have a website on their AKO secure portal system? If so, how can I become a member to your group on AKO?

Becker Bible Studies has been privileged to be a part of the United States Army AKO secure portal. We established our presence on AKO to allow soldiers to have direct access to our studies while they were deployed overseas in forward positions in the war zones. All of the soldiers, their families and support personnel have access to our materials through the secure portal at AKO, and we have been blessed with meeting some of the bravest Christians fighting hard to bring His Presence in the middle of a chaotic and bloody hell.

When we first established our AKO Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christians site on AKO, we were quickly embraced, as new members throughout the Army came to us and joined our effort. We now have one of the strongest Christian groups gathered that I have ever known, and the Holy Spirit moves often and freely throughout our fellowship.

New Christian members are welcome to join! Just go to the AKO "Group" section and search for "Guided Bible Studies" and you'll see us come up. From there, go to the first page of our site, and you will see a button there to become a member. Pushing that button sends all of your info our way, and we will give you access to all of our pages, as well as our "Safe Haven" private forum.

As you also know, many of the Army Chaplains use our Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christians in their classes. They also provide forward positioned soldiers with CD's to allow for personal study in their allotted private time.

We cannot begin to express how honored we are to be able to minister to the military Christian faithful in these times. We encourage all Christian Army soldiers, their families, and support personnel to join us at AKO and experience for yourself the great moving of His Spirit!


Why has your domain web site address changed from to

Becker Bible Studies recently attempted to renew the old domain address of and was surprised to learn that the rights to it had somehow been attached by several corporations in an attempt to procure the name for their benefit.  Apparently the name was showing a successful growth rate over the Internet, and they wanted in on the action.

We were able to trace these corporations all over the world, and found one entity clear down in Australia. After many calls and letters and aggressive refusals to pay thousands of dollars for our own domain name in their pseudo blackmail attempts, Becker Bible Studies was able to regain control of the domain for one more year. Because we could not be certain of renewing it after that, we decided to buy another domain name outright from the register, and guarantee our ownership of our name forever.

Becker Bible Studies has chosen the domain address of to be our permanent domain. We have taken necessary measures to prevent any other entity from gaining control of this domain, and we are excited that we have a permanent home that is free from the threat of theft and malicious actions.

We will use the domain as an entry page to our real domain at for the coming year, to ensure that all of our students can still access us through their favorite icon buttons.

Please ensure that you activate a favorite icon at our new address at as soon as you can, to ensure we all are on the same page.

We are excited about our growth over this last year, and Praise the LORD GOD that so many hungry Christians are being fed through His True Word. Please continue to pray for our ministry!


Why did you decide to make a format change to your web site?

Many of our students were having trouble with the speed of their computers, and the length of time it took to open the Adobe files.

We have struggled with this problem for a while. Initially, we chose Adobe files because they gave us the ability to protect and secure our work from unauthorized copying and changing of content. Our goal from the start has always been providing Guided Bible Studies for all hungry Christians, with no consideration of payment, status, affiliation, race, identity or belief. We truly believe that the LORD GOD will lead those hungry Christians to our web site that need to be fed with the meat of knowledge, understanding and wisdom. We felt a responsibility, however, to keep the LORD GOD's Work safe from theft and corruption. We did this by utilizing the Adobe files.

If our studies, however, cause so much frustration with students using older computers, then we must rethink our methodology.  We examined several options, and determined that putting the complete study on the actual web site would meet the needs of all students with all kinds of computers. We learned some new programming, and are currently implementing it now. As you will notice on the site, buttons with the words "Web Site" have been completed.

There is one problem that we had to confront over this new format. By placing it on our open web site, the complete study could be copied by anyone. This meant that the money we used from purchases in the past to maintain this website would be diminished considerably. We considered making the pages dark and the letters light, and we considered expanding the size of our pages to a place that would make it difficult to print. We decided against both of these options because we found it could cause many of our students difficulty in reading the words because of poor eyesight. Our solution to the "copying" problem is a "Donation" button. We are going to trust that if the LORD GOD moves students to use this Study outside of this website, then he will also move them to give appropriate support to maintain this site for others.

We do not give permission for any words of this study to be changed by anybody and we do not relinquish our copyrights, even for overseas publication. We maintain complete control and rights to all of the material published on this site. We strive to reveal the LORD GOD's teachings of His Word accurately and specifically. For this reason, we enforce the copyright, and will vigorously prosecute those who would change or corrupt any of these words given to us in the Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christians.

Reports from students have unanimously praised the new format. As always, we love to hear from any of you out there on how the studies are going. Our new work for the LORD GOD keeps us behind this computer twenty hours a day, and it sometimes gets very discouraging to be unable to watch our students as they began their growth into the deep mysteries of the LORD GOD. Send us a note and let us know how you're doing, what you're experiencing, and how you like this new format. You don't have to leave your name or your email address. We don't care who you are.....we just care that you are receiving the studies that the LORD GOD Wills you to have!


What are the beginnings of Becker Bible Studies, and the Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christian series?

Twenty years ago, one our closest friends was dying and he was in perfect health. Tragedy had entered into his life, and at the critical moment when his close relationship with Jesus Christ should have provided strength through his adversity, he lost faith in God. He had attended church regularly, participated in Sunday potlucks and Wednesday night Bible meetings, yet, when devastating life events overtook him, he was unable to sustain his faith. He began to die from the inside out. His spirit lost light, his beliefs became confused, his hopes were destroyed and his life was ruined. He desperately sought out counsel with his church, trying to restore wellness to his broken soul. His church community tried to help. They offered words of encouragement, fellowship and promises of prayer, but were unable to nourish our friend's broken spirit.

We realized that comfort was not what our friend needed, but rather, the restoration of his faith and strong spiritual beliefs. We believed that his faith was lacking because his knowledge and expectations of the LORD GOD had become confused, corrupted and misunderstood. We quickly prepared simple Bible studies to guide him back to his relationship with Jesus Christ and the LORD GOD. Each day that he came to us, we would share the Word of God with him in a way that was relevant to his life and challenged him to move closer to the light of Jesus Christ. After many sessions of intense study, his spirit began to revive, and his faith was restored.

This was the beginning of Becker Bible Studies. Our friend, had friends, who had friends, who were suffering from spiritual apathy as a result of trying times in their lives. They came to us with expectations of comfort and solace as a result of the terrible events in their lives. They received, instead, challenging Bible studies that we prepared specifically for them. They came to realize that we would not offer feel good comfort, self-improvement instruction or focus on their problems. We expected our students to remove their self focus, and instead focus their attention on the Word of God. We continued to prepare daily lessons, and nurture hurting Christians with study of Scripture.

They were healed. Their broken souls became alive again as they drew closer to the Word of God. Our classes became filled with people from all walks of life as they were recommended by those who had received the blessing of spiritual healing. Each new person required different attention, and through the touch of the Holy Spirit, original, dynamic and powerful lessons were prepared for them each week. The "weakened" Christians quickly became the "hungry" Christian's, as our students began demanding more detailed and challenging studies to feed them.

Twenty years later, the Bible students had gotten too numerous for us to handle. We started compiling the lessons that were developed over the years, and dividing them into groups and subgroups, with intentions of developing lesson plans for our advanced students to begin teaching their own classes. When we started processing the tremendous amount of material, we realized that the LORD GOD was leading us in a new direction. We knew with faithful certainty that it was time to gather the studies together for a bigger purpose that, unknown to us at the time, the LORD GOD had planned from the start. In October 2003, we began writing our first book, "Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christians: 001 Foundation", and Becker Bible Studies was officially established.


Will the LORD GOD fulfill my desires?

1. The LORD GOD will fulfill every desire of those that fear Him. Ps 145:19 (002 Beginnings Study #88 & note)

2. To fear the LORD GOD requires your spiritual understandings to be united into revelations by Him. Ps 86:11 (002 Beginnings Study #79, 80 & note)

3. Revelations can only happen if you study the Word of God and learn to walk in His Ways with trustworthiness and stability. Ps 86:11 (002 Beginnings Study #77,78 & note)

4. You cannot learn anything from the study of the Word of God if you are not one of the LORD GOD's children. Rom 10:17 (001 Foundation Study #232,233 & note)

5. The only way to become a child of the LORD GOD is through following Jesus Christ. Gal 3:22 (001 Foundation Study #245)

6. To follow Jesus Christ means you must be baptized in the name of the LORD GOD Father, Son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit, and believe. Acts 19:1-6 (001 Foundation Study #396, 397)

7. To be baptized requires you to be repentant of sin and chosen by the LORD GOD to receive faith and come closer to Him. Acts 2:38-39 (001 Foundation Study #411)

Once all of these requirements are met, a person who fears the LORD GOD will have all of his desires met by the LORD GOD. If a person's prayer of desire is not answered, it is because one of these steps required by the LORD GOD is not present.

Free Downloads

Salvation Handout - Useful for witnessing to unbelievers, and reminding Christians of the great Grace of God!

Test for False Teachers - Study worksheets to reveal false teachers and false teachings against the Word of God as revealed in the King James Bible.

Test for False Prophets - Study worksheets to reveal false prophets and false prophesy in these End Times as revealed in the King James Bible.

To download Adobe pdf file, simply save these study worksheets under the file menu to your computer.

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