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Guided Bible Studies are provided free to all hungry Christians on our site before they are available for purchase. We are committed to providing guided Bible studies to all who hunger for the LORD GOD's Word, as well as creating a site that provides a focused learning atmosphere, where a student can come and learn the things of God. With that goal in mind, we are dedicated to providing accessible pages to all Christian students with disabilities, with full access to the King James Bible and all of the bible studies and fellowship opportunitites on site.

Access features for the disabled include:

1. Tabbed browsing. All of our web pages can be navigated through the use of the tab button.

2. High definition pages. We strive to make both the writing and background compliment each other into easily viewed pages.

3. Changeable text. Our words can be magnified many times, without loss of the structure to the web page.

4. CSS independant. Our web pages are best displayed as is with the CSS implemented. For those who are using machines that are not equipped to refer to the CSS, our pages are able to be read and displayed.

5. Table display. Our web site uses tables to display our words. These tables are identified fully inside the code. Those who use equipment to read the material will be told of the presence and purpose of each table.

6. Image tags. All images of importance are explained in inside the coding, giving picture discriptions in full detail. Once again, these descriptions are accessible through the many machines designed to aid the disabled in participating fully on the computer.

7. Navigation consistent. Our navigation is consistent. Our main pages have the main link buttons to navigate our site on the left hand table. Our study and Bible pages have all of the navigation on the bottom of the page. All of our pages have a navigation bar with access to Home, Reference, and Site Map.

8. Access keys. The following access keys are activated on the appropriate pages and most usually functions in a browser by pressing the key indicated with the "Alt" button on your keyboard...

In addition, we have coded in special characters, to allow most specialized computers for the disabled to navigate our site with ease.

There are two things we are very certain about...

1. Becker Bible Studies Authors and Teachers have strived to provide fully compliant pages that all handicapped Christians can access without difficulty.

2. We have most certainly missed some things that can make our pages navigated or displayed better for the disabled student. We can only know of difficulties you experience accessing our site, if you let us know!

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