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The Beginnings of All Things Created

The study of Beginnings 002 must start at the beginning. That beginning is the LORD GOD. A Christian must know the LORD GOD before he can love the LORD GOD. As a Christian, you must love the LORD GOD with your complete soul, heart and mind. This cannot happen in truth, unless you know the LORD GOD completely. And you cannot know the nature of the LORD GOD completely, unless you reject and remove all doctrines of man, church and hopes, from your mind, and fill it with the truth from the Word of God. Only then, when you have met the LORD GOD in truth, can you love Him with all your being.

The Nature of the LORD God The LORD God has blessed us with an awe inspiring guided Bible Study which reveals His Nature, His Way, His Spirits of Adoption, Bearing, Bondage, Burning, Council, Creation, Deep Sleep, Deliverance, Discerning Spirits, Evil, Faith, Fear, Fear of the LORD, Grace, Goodness, Hardening, Healing, Holiness, Judgment, Knowledge, Life in Christ Jesus, Love, Might, Ministry and Miracles, Power, Persuasion, Promise, Prophesy, Raising, Sanctification, Supplication, Sword, Tongues, Interpretation, Truth, Understanding, and Wisdom along with the breathtaking and dramatic creation moments of our world. Deeper mysteries are understood through the Truth of His Word, and new concepts are explained as we delve into the beginnings that have never been explained before. This guided Bible study reveals the LORD God through His Spirits and His plans for Christians and mankind through detailed studies of the creation and evolution of all things.

The Ways of the LORD God If you do not understand the Ways of the LORD God, then you will never be able to serve Him as He Wills. If you do not serve your LORD God as He Wills, you may face His disappointment, anger, punishment, or disdain. It’s not a fairy tale that we live...Our LORD God is an awesome and powerful Father who has distinct Ways. He demands His children to know His Ways, and the closer you are called to Him, the more He expects from you. The closer you get to the LORD God, the more you must know to accomplish His Will, and the more He holds you accountable to His standards...In natural life, a person demands and expects more from those people he loves and who are closer to him. Grown children that come close and remain with their fathers are expected to conform to his ways more than grown children who are far from him and distant. These expectations are the true nature of love, and it is the true nature of our LORD God. The LORD God is a loving Father who expects those who love him most to do His Will completely, effectively and joyfully, and He weighs your relationship with Him accordingly.

The LORD God's Spirits of Adoption, Bearing, Bondage, Burning The LORD God allows His Spirit of Adoption to rest in you through the Spirit of Christ because it is His Will to do so...He chooses you to be His child and to have all rights and privileges associated with that honored position. The Spirit of Bearing is not just for the bearing of the burdens of the people, but is helpful in the bearing of all burdens created when the LORD God has a Work for a Christian to accomplish. The Spirit of Bondage plays a crucial role in the maintenance of the Muslim faith and the punishment of His People when they are disobedient and walk in the flesh. If a thing, a person, a city, a nation, or a Kingdom it to stand in the LORD God’s presence, then it must first be purged of all unrighteousness and  is the responsibility of the Spirit of Burning.

The LORD God's Spirits of Council, Creation, Deep Sleep, Deliverance, Discerning Spirits, Evil, Faith The Work of the Spirit of Counsel results in the Spirit of Might being able to complete the LORD God's Works. The Spirit of Creation moved upon the face of the waters to establish His Works of Creation. The goal of the Spirit of Deep Sleep/Slumber's Work is to create a intense longing and desire for the LORD God by those Chosen people who have turned away from Him. The Spirit of Deliverance assists the person in obtaining freedom from the control, restraint or trouble by forces that prevent you from doing the LORD God's Work. The Spirit of Discerning is able to judicially estimate and discern spiritual beings. When the LORD God's Spirit of Evil "troubles" a person, He causes that person to become afraid purposely to cause fear in the person, and have him turn back toward the LORD God and His Will. Faith is a gift to all Christians by the LORD God to allow them to believe in Jesus Christ, and to know that they will be resurrected from death and stand with Jesus in accordance with His Will.

The LORD God's Spirits of Fear, Fear of the LORD, Grace, Goodness, Hardening, Healing, Holiness, Judgment Do not confuse the "Spirit of Fear" with the "Spirit of Fear of the Lord." They are two distinct Spirits with two distinct jobs, and are quite unlike each other in their functions. The Spirit of Bondage brings the Spirit of Fear, and is not given to Christians. The Spirit of Fear of the LORD comes to a Christian to prepare the way for receiving wisdom. The Spirit of Grace brings truth through Jesus Christ. The Spirit of Goodness teaches Christians to do God's Will. The Spirit of Hardening causes men's hearts to be made obstinate so the LORD God's Will and Works can be accomplished as planned, and without interference. The LORD God gave Jesus the authority and ability to use the Spirit of Healing in accordance with His Will and Works. Jesus Christ is declared to be the Son of God with power by the Spirit of Holiness. Jesus Christ will use the Spirit of Judgment to bring judgment to both the world and it's people in the Day of Judgment.

The LORD God's Spirits of Knowledge, Life in Christ Jesus, Love, Might The Spirit of Knowledge allows a Christian to know the difference between good and evil. The Spirit of Life rests in Christians and causes them to walk in the way of Christ, rather than after their carnal human nature. The Spirit of Life creates His People, and through his breath, gives them life. When Christians receive measured amounts of the Spirit of Love, they are moved toward the same type of moral and spiritual obligation to do what is right, with affection, toward those people the LORD God Wills. The Spirit of Might controls the LORD God's right hand, and does His Works through the greatest strength. The Spirit of Might is given to Jesus Christ to reside completely in him, and empower him to complete the LORD God's Works.

The LORD God's Spirits of Ministry and Miracles, Power, Persuasion, Promise The Spirit of Ministry and Miracles does His Works to people who hear the LORD God's Word in faith, and nourishes a Christian to give him a new and deeper understanding of the Word of God. The Spirit of Persuasion has been used to move people who hate God to do things necessary to prepare for His Works to be completed by His People. The Spirit of Power’s thunderous power can not be understood. This Power now dwells in Jesus Christ, as he assumed the throne at the right hand of the LORD God. The Spirit of Promise seals a Christian in earnest. A seal is stamped upon the soul of the Christian and is given in advance as security for the rest of the Abraham blessings and promise that will come.

The LORD God's Spirits of Prophesy, Raising, Sanctification, Supplication A prophet of the Spirit of Prophesy learns to recognize the signs of His Presence and responds in accordance with the LORD God’s Will by doing and saying exactly what He directs. The Spirit of Raising can raise a man from spiritual sleep, so he can hear, understand and react to the Words and the Will of the LORD God as well as make alive those chosen by the LORD God, to become His adopted children through the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Spirit of Sanctification makes a Christian holy. The Spirit of Supplication, along with the whole armor of God, aids Christians to see and withstand the wiles of the devil, principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of the world, and spiritual wickedness in high places.

The LORD God's Spirits of Sword, Tongues, Interpretation, Truth The Spirit of the Sword is the Word of God. Jesus Christ and the Spirit of the Sword have the ability to pierce a person and divide the soul from the spirit. When the Spirit of Tongues speaks through a Christian in an unknown tongue, he is speaking not to men, but to the LORD God. He is speaking to the LORD God about His Mysteries. The Mysteries of the LORD God are only revealed to those He Chooses to receive them through the Spirit of Interpretation. The Spirit of Truth is the Holy Ghost, sometimes referred to as the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Truth came as a result of the LORD God's Will and Grace and through that expression of Jesus Christ given freely to believers.

The LORD God's Spirits of Understanding, Wisdom The Spirit of Understanding gives a Christian the ability to understand the LORD God’s Scriptures, Will, Laws, Works and Wonders, as well as the ability to prepare a place inside ourselves that the LORD God can fill with His presence. Without the Spirit of Understanding, a Christian could not do the LORD God’s Will nor receive His glorious presence. The Spirit of Understanding, however, is not given directly by the LORD God to the Christian. He is given in entirety to our Lord Jesus Christ, who sends the Spirit of Understanding to the Christians to bring them closer to Him and the LORD God. This shared relationship between Christians and Jesus Christ with the Spirit of Understanding, ensures that the LORD GOD’s Will is accomplished, and guarantees a sanctified place to receive the actual presence of the LORD God. A person that has been blessed by the Spirit of Wisdom through the preparation of His outward appearance to one of holiness, beauty and glory, is then able to assume the office of Priest. To be a Priest means he is able to be a mediator in religious service to the LORD God. A mediator to the LORD God is a holy man that is able to share with the LORD God concerns of man, while having the ability to also deliver the LORD God's Will to the people.

Some of the Revealed Spirits of the LORD God Review A review of the revealed Spirits of the LORD God that is covered in our Beginnings Bible study.

Creation of Light, Heavens and Earth, Seas, Sun, Moon and Stars What is the reason the LORD God created? The LORD God moved upon surging waters, and felt relaxed, regenerated, refreshed and strengthened. As He contemplated, the powerful water influenced and moved Him to create. His first act of Creation, “light” was made to illuminate the surging waters so He might deeply understand. As a result of His creation, He was able to separate His created light from the existing darkness. From that moment on, the LORD God created because His Works were illuminated to Him as good and purposeful. Each movement made by Him resulted in new illumination and enlightenment, and an opportunity for Him to respond with even higher levels of creation. From that very moment when light was created through the LORD God’s intense desire and effort to understand, He became the Creator to everything mankind knows. At that very instant, when the light shined brightly in His Mind, He began the accomplishment of His Works to become our Creator, our LORD God, and truly the Master of our beginnings.

The Evolution and Making of Natural Life, Common Man and the Creation of Spirit Filled Man in the Likeness of the LORD God At some point on the sixth day of Creation, the LORD God moved from allowing evolution of life, to actively participating in the Creation of Life. The earth had already brought forth the three types of life, when the LORD God began making the beast of the earth, the cattle and the creepers after the same pattern that was established from their evolution. This pattern established the beast as wild, cattle as tamed beasts that gathered together in groups, and everything that creeps upon the earth, in swarms. Evolution has occurred by this time, and the beast, cattle and creepers have formed according to the Will of the LORD GOD. He examined the pattern of evolution, and chose to Create life in the pattern that had developed through the years of Creation. Thus, He created peoples of the world, wild ones, common ones, abominable ones, always using the pattern of evolution to conform to His Laws of Creation. When this act of creating through the pattern of evolution was completed, He was not yet pleased with the results. It is at that moment, that the LORD God chose to create man in His Image, after His own likeness!

The Institution of Sabbath, the Seventh Holy Day of Rest Works by the LORD God are done in His Time and in His Way, and there will be a conclusion to that Work. His Works have a beginning, a middle, and a conclusion.....and that conclusion occurs when the Works comes to the place of absolute perfection in time and place. Works of the LORD GOD, starting from the tiniest of things, and growing to the miraculous magnitude of finished Works of the LORD God, deserve to be considered and celebrated in holiness. The Seventh Day is designated as a holy day of rest for that very reason. It is a time, a place, and a way for the men of the LORD God to consider with Him, the greatness of His Works. This holy contemplation blesses the LORD God and gives glory to Him, and is the way that men of God can truly thank Him and experience the awe and wonderment for all His great Works that He has made. That act of holy consideration of the LORD God’s Works is the way He knows how much you consider Him, love Him, and value Him. It is impossible to love the LORD God deeply, if you do not consider His Works in the holiness and reverence of a special day He has set aside, and declared holy, for this very purpose. The Seventh Day is the day to consider, contemplate, honor and bless the LORD God for all of His Work, because that is what He proclaimed the Seventh Day to be.

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